Quite a few years ago I read a series of books called Clan of the Cave Bear By Jean M. Auel. It was a novel based in pre historical time when according to the authors research, young women would lose their virginity to an experienced man with a good reputation. Know as first rites.

“Amongst the Zelandonii, at the least, girls who “cheat” by not waiting until First Rites to have sex is viewed as taboo, though girls are not seriously punished for this. However, they are generally looked down upon and viewed as lacking in self-control. Often, another adult will be present at First Rites to ensure the ritual is completed and that the girl is not harmed or made uncomfortable. It is considered a great honour for a man to be chosen for First Rites; men who are repeatedly chosen, such as Jondalar, as considered particularly attractive and honored.”

Maybe a different approach to this important life event may lead to better control and general quality of experiences of women just starting their sex life.