Our global disrespect towards women needs to stop!

I sincerely don’t believe most men intentionally seek to make women feel uncomfortable, however what is sorely lacking is a good example for men of how to regard women in a way that makes women feel comfortable. This is rarely given consideration but it really should always, always be the priority!

As a man I know, quite often we just need to have it explained to us exactly what to not do and say. I truly consider this to be a guys job to teach, it’s not a woman’s responsibility. Men need to start clicking onto the fact that women are in power, purely because men chase women (Demand & Supply). Arguing with this is like arguing against gravity. Guys, why not just try to understand women rather than just insisting that you’re right!?

I am available for talks & seminars with individuals, couples and groups on the following subjects…

  • How to give a girl / women a great first time.
  • How to not disrespect women.
  • The history of our global sexual landscape.
  • The new expected role of men.
  • Why women are biologically dominant and how to acknowledge it properly.
  • How to not make women feel awkward.
  • How to NOT come across as rapey.