So, this is it, you’re ready for an experience with no panic, just plenty of excitement! My whole aim is to help you enjoy the moment and make you feel wonderful & comfortable!

The Setting

Whenever I meet someone I always try to make sure the room is warm, and there’s pleasant dim lighting as well some background music.

Where could we meet?

At your home is usually good, you are more confident in your own surroundings, or if that’s not an option, we can meet at a hotel you book.


I offer a camper van glamping experience, so I can meet you at a nice / scenic location of your choice for just 1 or 2 hours, or you can make it a complete over night experience, with a cooked breakfast in the morning! Click here for more info.

On the day

So let’s say, we’ve talked / emailed or spoke on the phone, you’re happy and you’ve booked me to meet you. What can you expect, and how will it actually play out?

When we meet, I like to just chat until you’re ready to start anything physical. Or you can just let me know to go ahead.

How’s it plays out now is up to you, I can either give you a relaxation massage with oils, followed by a naked body to body massage and then a slow erotic massage. Or we can just start with regular foreplay, in anyway that you know you like. I can spend lots of time with kissing & teasing!

I will try to make you orgasm by giving you oral sex way before we try proper intercourse which will only happen when you’re ready. When you are, I’ll go really slowly at first so you’re not uncomfortable at all. I will use a condom.

We can try a few different positions and have some fun, I will definately try to make you orgasm a second time. Then when it’s over, we can spoon for a while, you catch your breath and we can chat etc. That’s it!

Tailoring your experience

You can consider asking me for, or to avoid any number of specific things such as…
kissing, just being gentle, holding your hands down, spanking, going on top, doggy position – You can be as specific or general as you like, after all, it’s YOU’RE first time & it should be great!

Will there be blood?

If you’re worried about bleeding and you have a hymen, that doesn’t mean I will tear you and there doesn’t have to be any bleeding or pain either. Your skin can be stretched gently and slowly and I’m not the thickest guy in the world. I’ll be making sure you’re not uncomfortable at any point. As a rough guide if you can use a rabbit vibrator then you’ll have no problem. If there is some bleeding, it’s really OK, just as long as your not uncomfortable, in which case we can just stop.