Guys, if you’re partner is new to sex, the best way to build her confidence is to simply learn what turns her on, and do more of it. It proves that you want her to feel really good, before yourself, & It will be appreciated. So, if you find a movement you do makes her go wild and you can see she loves it, obviously just keep doing it.

The more you back her and encourage her to tell you what she want’s and actually going with it, the more her confidence grows. Always try to make her orgasm before yourself, it’s easy for most guys to cum. Or if you can’t hold back and orgasm before her, don’t stop, just go down on her while you recover. It’s how I keep my clients happy for prolonged meetings.

Also, on the other side of this, you will also know that you have the power to give pleasure! When you know you can confidently give pleasure, and your partner is loving it, you’re own confidence grows with it. You both then come away from each other feeling amazing, and with glowing sexual confidence!

If she puts herself down in any way, try to not feed the negativity by talking about it, unless of course she actually needs to discuss it fully. It’s better to recover an intimate space with fun, and banter which can quite often dissolve fear, never to be seen again.

Good pillow manners ensure your girl will not want to leave. You don’t have to talk loads, spoons & movies and bed pizza can turn a quick something into a full day of fun!

Don’t be clingy or needy. Men by biological definition are weaker than women. Sperm chase eggs remember! So try to be aware of not becoming a burden. If you start to exhaust a situation, you will be dropped never to be contacted again! Women love their freedom so don’t become a satellite boy or you will be openly disrespected!