Regular Swedish Massage

For some, the idea of being naked with someone for the first time can be intimidating.

You can book me to help you relax by enjoying a (Non Sexual) Swedish Massage. I am a Qualified and Insured Massage Therapist, so when you book me you will receive a real Swedish Massage in the comfort of your own home. I have scented massage oils and a massage table to bring with me, along with clean towels for the complete home pamper service.

Erotic Massage

What’s an erotic massage?

This is one of my most popular Escorting services. It starts with a regular Swedish massage ( see below ) but will slowly become more intimate and erotic. Gradually, and once you are relaxed we will both be naked and you’ll receive a nice long body to body massage. I will then keep arousing you by giving you oral sex and using my hands. Ideally I want to satisfy you so, I will keep going until you enjoy a nice orgasm.

I can pick up your body language and signals so I will be keeping you happy by following your lead, plus I always check verbally with you if I am unsure or need your confirmation.