When a girl want’s to lose their virginity to you, you are in a unique position of leaving a first impression with them about sex which will stay with them for the rest of their life. So the first thing to do is to think, how would I like to be remembered? If you’re a regular guy, you’ll probably want them to just think about how great you were. So, you don’t want to screw it up, right?

Here’s some guaranteed good tips for guys for when a girl want’s to lose her virginity to you and you want to impress her!

  • Consider planning a nice location together – It’s a milestone in life. A nice hotel or just home with the place to yourselves.
  • Don’t drink alcohol, or just have a little. Sober sex & orgasms are much more intense!
  • Background music – Old soul or slow R&B.
  • No TV & phones on Airplane mode
  • A clean bed.
  • Dim lighting.
  • Lots of foreplay first! For as long as possible & try to make her orgasm.
  • Give her plenty of good oral sex & spend plenty of time on her clitoris.
  • When you put your penis in her vagina for the very first time. GO VERY, VERY SLOWLY! No sharp jabs or jerky movements. Remember it’s ever so sensitive for her, and you will get to speed up later.
  • Check that she likes what you are doing, if she doesn’t actually respond that could be a big “No I’m definitely not” – She needs to enjoy it and know she’s being understood.
  • If she does like what you’re doing, try doing it both a LITTLE harder & a little softer to see how she responds.
  • Try different speeds, tempos to see what SHE likes. It’s always about her!
  • No cheeky jibs & No seedy jokes!
  • Put her satisfaction before your own, if you’re crap, you won’t be seen again. Remember, men are much more easily pleased than women!
  • Never push her into doing anything, at all, whatsoever. By all means bring it up and suggest things, but take quiet reluctance as a “No Fucking Way!” if you get this wrong, the situation will crumble in the blink of an eye.
  • Women like dominant men, but, it’s a role! Genuine consent or clear direction has to be given by the woman first. Women will either provoke you into being more dominant by being more submissive or they’ll invite you by teasing it out of you. Never think that just by “doing what you want” that you are being appreciatively dominant, you’re not! Check her eyes to make sure she’s not rolling them!
  • Afterwards – Unless you want to be despised DO NOT go cold on her. Stay with the spoons, hugs & kisses or you could lose it all on the last hurdle.