This blog post is for the guys.

Sexual respect is a social skill that anyone can learn. It involves paying attention to how your partner(s) responds to what’s taking place at the moment. When it comes to sex, what people don’t say can be more important than what they do, if they pull away or stop making passionate noises you need to take note.

Because sex is mainly physical, understanding when your partner doesn’t like something is really important. When you pay attention to their reaction, you are paying your respect and it gets noted. Sexual respect towards women is not really taught to men by men, just knowing when to NOT say or do something can mean a very big difference in a woman’s perception of you.

Women do like guys to be sexually dominant, but they’re not always gonna say so. If a women wants you to “step up” and become more dominant, they let you know by they way they act. So taking the lead, restraining her and whipping her could be showing respect. It comes down to paying attention to what she’s communicating.

Outside the bedroom, in daily life and in general conversation, you can notice when women silently sit and cringe at the way men often talk about and refer to sex in general. If you notice these moments it will give you more insight to how NOT to act and talk. A really good way of showing respect which also gets noted.