As a rule. I’d have to say, in the UK male discussions about sex never go deeper than just banter. As men I’d say we learn how to sexually respect women from women, but this only appears to occur after a man is in a proper relationship. So sexual respect towards single women is not really taught to men by anyone. Unless you have an experienced boyfriend you can trust, this makes what should be one of the most exciting events of your life potentially into a game of roulette or chance.

When we learn anything in life we always and normally seek out people and groups or professionals who we trust who will teach us is a way which isn’t scary or intimidating and which eases us into learning positively. Having sex and having good sex, isn’t any different.


I’ve found while working as a male escort that my clients ( and my own ) enjoyment is linked directly to mutual respect and clear communication. Asking for what you want, knowing you won’t be ridiculed, but backed with your fantasies, being able to talk openly with no loss of respect. I’m offering the experience of guaranteed sexual respect and honest communication, so that you have no fear of “getting it wrong” whatsoever. I’m also keenly aware that because of the nature of what I do, a lot my clients will remember our time together for years to come, so I will obviously want it to be an amazing memory.

Men’s responsibility

When I started researching to find out what tips women give women on the subject it became quickly apparent that there wasn’t a whole lot of advice available for young women to guarantee an enjoyable time when losing their virginity.

Also the information men share around sex and women is never really gone into on this subject, so no one actually teaches men how to relax a less experienced partner in a way so that they come away from it feeling confident & great!

When it comes down to it, I really believe the responsibility lies with men to ensure that a woman’s first time is orgasmic, fun, relaxed and uninhibited. All women are entitled to being treated this way.