My name is James ( Darren James Butler ). I have been working as an escort in Essex & London since 2015. I am single, and keep fit every day, play guitar at open mic nights, love photography. Generally I’m a bit of a workaholic, this isn’t my only job. I also work in a few other industries including Marketing as an SEO consultant, in Fitness as a Spinning & Pump instructor, Swedish massage, I work in textiles & embroidery & in the wedding industry as a DJ. Plus, I’m also a Dad.

My other businesses

Futurewasp Marketing & SEO
Wedding DJ Essex
Massage Essex
Cleaners in Essex
Male Escort Essex
Crown Street Embroidery

My key info…

Ethnicity – White, English
Born – Wickford, Essex
Size – 7 inches
Height – 5’9″
Build – Athletic
Age – 45


Where did I get the idea from for this service?

I read a series of books called “Clan of the Cave Bear”. It was a novel based in pre historical time when according to the authors research, young women would always have an older more experienced man with a good reputation give them their “first rites“, and a female elder would also watch to make sure it was a good experience for her. Offering something similar seemed to be a good practical solution for todays young women to guarantee a good experience for their first time.