My name is James ( Darren James Butler ). I have been working as an escort in Essex & London since 2015. I am single, and keep fit every day, play guitar at open mic nights, love photography. Generally I’m a bit of a workaholic, this isn’t my only job. I also work in a few other industries including Marketing as an SEO consultant, in Fitness as a Spinning & Pump instructor, Swedish massage, I work in textiles & embroidery & in the wedding industry as a DJ. Plus, I’m also a Dad.


You are welcome to contact me via any of my other businesses, and, understandably if the idea of paying for this service doesn’t quite sit well, you can always book me to hand deliver a “Pair of Embroidered Socks” from my embroidery company Crown Street Embroidery

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Wedding DJ Essex
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Crown Street Embroidery

My key info…

Ethnicity – White, English
Born – Wickford, Essex
Size – 7 inches
Height – 5’9″
Build – Athletic
Age – 45


Where did I get the idea from for this service?

I read a series of books called “Clan of the Cave Bear”. It was a novel based in pre historical time when according to the authors research, young women would always have an older more experienced man with a good reputation give them their “first rites“, and a female elder would also watch to make sure it was a good experience for her. Offering something similar seemed to be a good practical solution for todays young women to guarantee a good experience for their first time.