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Our upside down male dominant world has not taken the time to consider that females are actually  biologically dominant to men, and therefore deserve to be treated with a respect that acknowledges this, especially when it comes to something as sensitive and delicate as losing your virginity. This website is for women wanting to lose their virginity in a guaranteed respectful & positive way by putting you in control of every aspect your first time!
Hello, my name's James (Darren James Butler). I'm a professional Male escort in Essex & London. I've worked in the adult industry since 2015 meeting men, women & couples of all ages, sizes & races for sexual encounters of all kinds, from relaxed vanilla nights to threesomes & 50 shades style bondage. Engaging actively in these kind of experiences is usually new for my clients, so I have to make sure they don’t feel awkward at all, but feel confident enough with me to relax completely.

When it comes to doing anything for the first time, you want to be as sure as possible that you’re going to be respected and communicated with in a way that brings about an experience that meets ( or exceeds ) your expectations. This is the basis for how I approach all of my meetings.

When it comes to losing your virginity, it can only happens once. When you book me for an honour as intimate as this, it won’t be awkward or weird. You will receive nothing from me but complete respect as I make sure your first time is an amazing memory you cherish for your life.

You are always in complete control, with a professional who's success is built on your complete enjoyment. I am available free for talking on the phone, messaging or WhatsApp between 10am and 1am if you have a question.

Where did the idea originate for this service?

I read a series of books called Clan of the Cave Bear By Jean M. Auel. It was a novel based in pre historical time when according to the authors research, young women would always have an older more experienced man with a good reputation give them their first rites, and a female elder would also watch to make sure it was a good experience for her. Offering something similar seemed to be a good practical solution for todays young women to guarantee a good experience for their first time.

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