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This website is for women over the age of 18 wanting to build their sexual experience & confidence or wanting to have sex with a man for the first time.

Hello, my name's Darren. I'm a professional male escort in Essex & London. I've worked in the adult industry since 2014 meeting women & couples of all ages, sizes & races for sexual encounters of all kinds. I really enjoy escorting and like any good professional, I always try to provide the kind of service which builds trust, by exceeding my clients expectations.

As you can imagine my meetings are usually a red letter day for my clients. A lot of the women ( for many different reasons ) haven't had sex or even affection for a long time before they get into contact with me. So when I meet someone for the first time I am always sensitive to how they are feeling, and I always have thier care and consideration as my priority.

As with a lot of professions, my clients can meet me for a coffee or a drink first ( a bit like a consultation ), to see what I'm like and if there's chemistry. I always offer to meet first for free, with no obligation to ever meet again. This part is also enjoyable for me, as it really helps to build a nice rapport. After all, you enjoying and feeling comfortable in my company is essential.

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If you're interested in talking on the phone, want to message a question, or if you would like to meet me for a coffee for free you can contact me on 07749777741.

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Offering women a sexual confidence building male escort experience!

Male Escort

Professional Male Escort Since 2014

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To book a free coffee meeting, ask a question, or ask about prices complete the form or message / phone me on 07749777741
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E-mail: Phone: 07749777741