When you lose your virginity you’re actually are just starting to get good at what you enjoy. During you’re whole time with me you will be lavished with consideration and respect throughout the entire experience to ensure you enjoy every moment from start to finish.

You will receive the first class service you deserve, because everything will be taken care of. This means a fully tailored sexual experience with your enjoyment, safety and satisfaction guaranteed. You will be made to feel special from the moment we meet, so you can relax and enjoy your first time in complete comfort and with peace of mind.

At first I always like to start by just giving you a regular relaxation massage, it breaks the ice easily and you can wear a gown to start with. As you relax the massage will become gradually more erotic, as we heat up i’ll be trying to find things that you respond eagerly to, so in a way you’ll really be leading the experience throughout. Before long I’ll be able to tell if you want to be held or touched in a certain way.

When it come to the actual sex, for the first time, it’s always slow to begin as you maybe sensitive. If you’re worried about your hymen, at first it may feel a little tight, but as long as we take our time, slowly, you will be able to stretch without breaking or pain or blood.

I alway aim to help you build your sexual confidence up so that you are getting the most out of each and every moment with me. So please don’t be afraid to ask whatever is on your mind.